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Miracle Food?

Could the green-lipped/greenshell mussel - unique to the waters of New Zealand - be considered a ‘miracle’ food?

Well, according to some marketers, yes it can! Why? Because they believe that Maoris (New Zealand’s indigenous people) never get arthritis or aches and pains because a large part of their diet is made up of green-lipped mussels and seafood.

This claim may have been true over 100 years ago, when many Maoris were living off the land and sea, but sadly that is no longer the case today.

There is no such thing as a miracle food (or product for that matter), BUT having said this, the green-lipped mussel is probably the closest you can get to it, given that it is currently one of the most complete whole foods known to man. We say ‘complete’ because unlike plant-derived foods, green-lipped mussels have a much broader spectrum of nutrients than any plant.

 Even the mineral salts present in this type of mussel - which are similar to those found in the ocean - mimic the mineral composition of human blood.

During the last few decades, various forms of the New Zealand green-lipped mussel have been ‘discovered’ by health-conscious people throughout the world who enjoy the benefits that this shellfish can give. Some people eat green-lipped mussels because they simply like the taste and buy them either frozen or marinated as an occasional treat. Others buy it in a supplement form, either as oil in a soft gel or powder in a capsule.

But unfortunately, green-lipped mussels – like most other shellfish and molluscs - lose their nutritional value very quickly once they’re cooked or even frozen. This means that while you may enjoy a taste of the mussel as a meal; its nutritional benefits will more than likely be limited.

To get all of the health benefits that the green-lipped mussel can provide (and there are many) it is necessary to eat it fresh and raw or take it in a supplement form. As a consumer, this can be quite a challenge if you want to ensure that you get the most benefits from this remarkable food.

The purpose of this guide is to give you the transparent facts about green-lipped mussels in their supplement form, what they can do for you and, what you need to look for when selecting that one product that ticks all the boxes on your health list.

Main health benefits of green-lipped mussels

Over the last two or three decades, New Zealand green-lipped mussels have become quite famous for two significant health benefits:

  • For helping relieve joint pain.
  • For helping reduce inflammation.

Probably the most well-known green-lipped mussel product on the world market today is an oil extract called Lyprinol. Over recent years other products have come on the market, both in powder and oil forms: such as Moxxor, which is heavily promoted by an MLM (multi-level marketing company). The mussels are all sourced from New Zealand.

Apart from the fact that some of these products have ‘over the top’ claims, they are only two of the benefits that this unique food is capable of. You will learn more as you read further through this guide.

More benefits than just pain relief and reduced inflammation

What is not widely known by most consumers is that the raw green-lipped mussel can not only give you all the benefits that it is commonly known for (and provided for in the oil) but so MUCH more.

What are these additional benefits?

There is much validated talk about the importance of feeding the skin from the inside or ‘beauty from within’. Raw green-lipped mussels in their natural form are probably the best and safest way to create beauty from within and improve your overall appearance – particularly the skin, hair and nails. These benefits can be enhanced further when combined with a quality Omega 3 / DHA Fish Oil.

Circulatory system 
The likelihood of having a heart attack or some other circulatory problem is reduced by a regular intake of green-lipped mussels. They may help strengthen arterial walls and improve blood flow resulting in healthy circulation throughout the body to the vital organs and muscles.

Immune system 
Increased resistance to viral and bacterial infection as well as the intensification and acceleration in the formation of antibodies, improving wound healing.

Bones and Teeth
Structural strengthening of teeth and bones ensuring their respective organic matrix systems offer the necessary support to surrounding tissues.

May improve the potential for fertility by increasing the viscosity of seminal fluid in men and the cervical mucus plug in women.

Nervous system 
Increased muscle, organ and tissue stimulation due to improved nerve cell functioning throughout the body.

Essential omega-3 fatty acids, proteins and carbohydrates all contribute to the body’s total daily nutritional requirements.

All of the above nine ‘ticks’ should be on your health list! Naturally it makes sense to be able to tick ALL nine of them instead of just two. But, it’s very important to understand the following:

The additional seven benefits ONLY come from ingesting raw green-lipped mussels.

That’s correct! When you cook, freeze or extract the oil from the mussel, these valuable additional health benefits are lost. The best way to achieve all of these benefits would be to live near the ocean where these mussels are cultivated and eat a number of them raw every day.

This is just not practical and besides, a raw mussel is not all that palatable. However, cooked or marinated they are delicious. A bit of a Catch-22 situation isn’t it?

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