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 Black Cumin Extract


Ancient histories record many different treatments used by people who lived centuries ago.  One such herb, black cumin, has even been found in the tombs of kings.  Black cumin is referred to in many ancient texts as a healer, an herb with the capacity to make the person digesting it better from nearly anything that bothered them.  While this mystery herb sounds to good to be true, black cumin extract has been found to be highly effective in fighting auto-immune disorders.  Auto-immune disorders are those in which the  body attacks itself.  Black Cumin Extract has also been proven effective against cancer.  A typical person who is healthy will produce cancerous cells daily.  However, a healthy person will also produce an immune response where in their immune cells will attack and kill the cancer cell before the cell can proliferate and further damage surrounding cells. 

This healthy capacity helps people ward off cancer, sometimes for a whole lifetime.  However, infection or virus can retard a person’s immune system and make them susceptible to a number of problems, including cancer.  Black cumin extract has been proven highly successful in supporting good immune health.  For optimal results, black cumin extract is paired with other herbs.  Black cumin extract and garlic have, in combination, a powerful antioxidant effect that further boosts the immune system and wards off cancers.   Black cumin extract comes in pill or liquid form.  Neither form is substantially better than the other, but both require that the directions on the package be followed to ensure proper results and reduce the risk of side effects.  No side effects have been documented, but combination products that contain black cumin extract may also contain herbs that are known to produce drug interactions. 

Religious texts and ancient histories documented the use of black cumin extract to promote immune system health, heart health, and gastrointestinal health hundreds of thousands of years ago.  This documentation suggests that black cumin extract is not a new miracle, but a long standing holistic tradition to treat a number of maladies.



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