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 Natural Treatments for Heart Disease


Whereas conventional drugs aim to suppress and stem symptoms, the natural approach aims at containing and even reversing the underlying causes of cardiovascular disease, such as the beginning of atherosclerosis. Nutritional supplements and dietary interventions are generally based on the principles that aim at preventative measures too.

While there are many heart healthy tips we can provide, diet and lifestyle changes and correct nutritional supplementation are categorically the most important tools in the natural treatment of cardiovascular disease.

For example…atherosclerosis can be prevented by developing strong artery walls, by controlling the factors that cause injuries to them and by minimizing the level of fats, lipoproteins, cholesterol and homocysteine build up. All of these areas can be potentially controlled and reversed by nutritional and supplementation methods, but the right nutrients need to be used in the right amounts to maintain a healthy heart.

Some of the most effective nutrients, such as the powerful natural enzyme called Nattokinase, have to be taken in an enteric coated tablet because otherwise they can be destroyed by stomach acid. Nattokinase is clinically proven to help clean arteries and is a powerful anti-clotting agent.

It is just one of the specialized ingredients in Cardio-Support