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 How to Prevent Cholesterol Imbalance


In my last article you learned about high cholesterol and the imbalance of HDL and LDL particles that increases your risk of heart disease. You learned about possible symptoms and the likely causes. Here you will learn how to prevent this HDL/LDL imbalance naturally with 5 specific nutrients.

  • D-Limonene

D-limonene is a compound found in the rinds of citrus fruit. Not many of us eat the rinds of citrus fruit on a regular basis. The only reasonable way to add it to your diet is to take a supplement.

The benefits of d-limonene are several. It is a solvent that naturally dissolves cholesterol and other fats. If you have ever used an orange oil cleanser to dissolve grease, you saw something similar to what goes on in your bloodstream when you consume d-limonene.

D-limonene also works to inhibit the liver from producing cholesterol, in much the same way as statin drugs. However, one of the dangers of statins is that they are non-specific. They also interfere with the liver’s production of Coenzyme Q10 which is an essential nutrient for all of the muscles of your body and is not present in common foods. So, d-limonene is a safe alternative to statins.

  • Policosanol

Policosanol is a substance found in raw sugar cane, rice bran, beeswax and other natural foods. It has proven to be just as effective as statin drugs for correcting cholesterol imbalances.     


It is not popular in the US, because the drug companies have so much control over the information that people get. If a supplement company were to say that policosanol lowered cholesterol, the company would get into trouble with the US FDA. So, it is something of a secret. Now, you know about it.

  • Theaflavins

Theaflavins are antioxidant bioflavonoids found in black tea leaves. They prevent the oxidation or hardening of cholesterols in the bloodstream and they have been shown to raise good HDL levels. Remember that exercising is another way to raise your HDL levels.

  • Phytosterols

Phytosterols are similar in structure to cholesterol. If you do consume cholesterol-rich foods and you consume Phytosterols at the same time, the two will compete for absorption into the bloodstream and the Phytosterols will win.

Phytosterols are found in rice bran, rice bran oil and many other plant foods. A supplement containing rice bran oil, also called oryzanol, is a good source of this nutrient. Another benefit is that oryzanol contributes to the conversion of cholesterol into bile acid and to the excretion of bile acid out of the body.

  • Lecithin

Lecithin is found in soy and other foods. It performs many of the same functions you have already learned about. It dissolves cholesterol and prevents it from being absorbed into the bloodstream. It also forms a protective barrier around the cells in the cardiovascular system, making them stronger and less likely to rupture.

These 5 nutrients must be combined in the proper amounts in order to achieve the desired result of preventing cholesterol imbalance. There is one supplement that contains each of them, in the right quantities, along with other co-factors and trace elements that amplify the benefits.

You need to consider tackling the problem in 6 ways…namely:

  • Reduce the production of cholesterol in your body…
  • Reduce the absorption of cholesterol in your gut…
  • Decrease circulating blood fats and dissolving cholesterol particles…
  • Prevent cholesterol from hardening in your arteries…
  • Increase the excretion of cholesterol carrying bile acid…
  • Reduce the oxidation of cholesterol